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On larger structures, consider zoning your roof deck connection design and select the fastening pattern to match the uplift and diaphragm demand which will vary across the floor or roof. Another way to provide for an economic yet well performing deck installation is to provide the deck erector with options.

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N-Dek 24-4 Pattern N-DEK 24-4 PATTERN Pins, Etc. Pins, Etc. 5/8" Dia. Welds, Screws, The anchorage system of roof deck units to supporting members consists of Deck to Support, Deck to Deck Sidelap and Deck to Perimeter. The attachment patterns stated are applicable for use with various fastener types. Typical fastener types include

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Screw Patterns Roof and Walls Pre-drill sheets with 3/16 hole as per screw pattern. Drill no more than 25 sheets at one time. Starting the gable end away from the prevailing wind, set first panel. Alignment is critical. of the upper roof with panel fasteners similar to the eave installation. Make sure to screw through the closures.

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a form board for poured gypsum concrete deck in roof applications as well as a substrate for spray foam roofing systems. 1/2 12.7 mm and 5/8 15.9 mm are designated as Type DD by UL and included in assembly designs investigated by UL for hourly fire resistance ratings. 5/8 15.9 mm DensDeck Prime Fireguard Roof

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Steel Deck Diaphragm A division of Canam Group. PAGE Power-driven fasteners used to connect steel deck to the structure must be selected Fastener Pattern at Support 36/4 36/7 36/9 36/11 914 mm 36 in. 152 mm 6 in. 38 mm 1 1/2 in. CANAM PROFILES 9 P-3606 and P-3606 COMPOSITE


Fastener pull out tests must be conducted on the roof deck with approved fasteners to verify the integrity of the deck and to establish fastening patterns that meet the requirements of Duro-Last specifications.


Mechanical fastening is the recommended method of attachment over nailable decks. General fastening frequency and spacing for steel, wood, cast-in-place structural concrete and poured gypsum decks is covered in the ACFoam and Nailable Roof Insulation Fastening Pattern Guide. Refer to the current FM Loss Prevention Data Sheet

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include values for roof decks with fastener type combinations of welds and screws for applications without fill bare deck Support Fastener Pattern Nominal Shear Due To Buckling, Sn plf I Center to Center Span ft. - in. From Table Above in.4/ft. 712 652 598 510 778 694 581

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The fastening pattern report includes uplift pressure information in addition to the fastening patterns that may be used for the roof system to resist these uplift pressures. When necessary, the report can be submitted for review by an engineer or used in a submittal package.

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Standard Details for Metal Roofing and Siding Post Frame and Residential Structures Distributed by: BEST MATERIALS ness in the panels as well as loosening and leaking of the fasteners. Solid decking is highly recommended for all residential ap- fastening pattern is permitted over the rest of the sheet. When installing

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FASTENER GUIDELINES . Fastener Overview. by Mule-Hide for use in concrete roof decks and insulation plates. The fastener must penetrate the deck by at least one inch. It is suggested that each hole drilled in a FASTENER GUIDELINES Fastener Patterns - Insulation.

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understanding how to use Hilti deck fastening systems, and should be ready to take the Hilti deck fastening trainer or operator test. Note: The deck fastening trainer and operator cards are only valid in conjunction with a DX Operator's License. For trainer or operator DX training/testing, contact your local Hilti representative.

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The unique construction of DensDeck Prime Roof Boards provides excellent flute spanning and will help stiffen and stabilize the roof deck. Additionally, DensDeck Prime has been shown to withstand de-lamination, deterioration, warping, and jobsite damage more effectively than roofing membrane substrates such as paper-faced gypsum board

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Sheet 1-29,Roof Deck Securement and Above-Deck Roof Components.This percent from the roof field attachment pattern to account for these wind-uplift pressures. In the updated FM 1-29, these pre- of 50 percent with at least one fastener per 2 square feet 0.186 m2 , and roof

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steel decking to the supporting structure. its attachment to steel framing by welding. What is required to accomplish the design and performance of welded deck fastening? There are two things: 1. The Engineer of Record EOR must state the filler metal Common weld patterns for roof deck are illustrated in Figure 1.


with an approved fastening pattern see reverse or secured with FAST 100 Adhesive, DASH DC Insulation Adhesive or mopped with Where installed over combustible wood decks or insulations, all joints should be staggered. 3. In accordance with approved shop dings, FM-Approved VERSICO ROOFING SYSTEMS *DensDeck Prime incorporates a

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The spacing and number of fasteners at each side lap and supports for proper attachment of steel deck panels to the structure.. How A Fastener Pattern Works: A fastener pattern is the pattern used for securing deck to the support structure below.

Attaching plywood and OSB sheathing

gion, fastening in a 3-inch on-center spacing is prescribed. In the 150-mph region, fastening in a 3-inch on-center spacing using 10d ring shank nails is prescribed. Closing thoughts APA Data File Form No.T325D provides updated fastener schedules for plywood and OSB structural panel sheathing used for roof decks of steep-slope roof assemblies.


R20624 Shingle Deck Accessory; Cool-Vent roof insulation is HUNTER PANELS ENERGY SMART POLYISO Cool-Vent applications, the SIP WD for plywood deck applications, and SIP HD for heavy duty steel decks. See Fastening Pattern Guide for recommended fastening patterns.

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Roofing Fasteners . Fastening Substrate. Gypsum, Lightweight Concrete. Steel, Wood. Type. Fastener. Stress Plate. Roofing Fasteners Plate pre-assembled units are used to secure base sheet, approved thermal insulations and cover boards to approved roof decks. Twin Loc-Nail/Plate system untilizes small barbs that protrude from the

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Roof Sheathing Fastening Schedules for Wind Uplift Introduction This Data File provides recommended ROOF FASTENING ZONES FOR WIND UPLIFT Zones 1, 2 and 3 shown below indicate areas of the roof that may have different fastening requirements. ance or designs as actually constructed. Form No. T325D Revised March 2006/0050 THE ENGINEERED


FlintBoard Polyisocyanurate Roof Insulation Products 6" 6" 5 Fasteners/Board 24" 12" 6 Fasteners/Board 6" 6" 12" 12" 12" The diagrams in this guide are suggested as default patterns. For fastening densities not featured in this guide the designer should consider: All fasteners engage the top flange of steel decking 24" 12" 7


Mechanical fastening is the recommended method of attachment over nailable decks. General fastening frequency and spacing for steel, wood, cast-in-place structural concrete and poured gypsum decks is covered in the ACFoam and Nailable Roof Insulation Fastening Pattern Guide. Refer to

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For roof decking fastening over supports, when specifying a 36/4 fastening pattern, is that a 9" o.c. interval, or is it a 12" o.c. spacing? RE: Deck Fastening pattern. UcfSE Structural 1 Mar 06 15:30. The "36" refers to the width of the deck sheets. The "4" is the number of welds per sheet width at each support. That leaves one weld each end

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Minimum Insulation Fastening Requirements Such approval only indicates that JM accepts the deck surface to receive a JM roofing system. By such acceptance, JM accepts no responsibility of the structural adequacy or performance of the deck.