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What Is Virgin Vinyl Horse Fencing and Why You Should Use It

Besides the potential threat posed by recycled vinyl, there are other considerations for what makes virgin vinyl fencing better for your horse. While phthalates make vinyl into an elastic substance, virgin vinyl fencing is flexible enough on its own to soften the blow should your horse run or fall into your fence.

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Virgin Vinyl vs Recycled Professional grade vinyl fences are made of primarily of virgin vinyl. In fact, many brands of professional grade materials are available exclusively for dealers and then create a separate brand for consumers who shop at the big box stores.

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Keep in mind that not all vinyl is good vinyl. When looking for vinyl you'll want to make sure you're getting an american made product and that it is 100% virgin material. While the reground and recycled vinyl sounds like a great idea, it has the tendency to grow mold and mildew.

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Virgin vs. Recycled PVC s formal name is poly-vinyl-chloride and it is a petroleum based product and thus subject to all the nuances of oil. There are two types of vinyl, virgin vinyl and recycled vinyl.

Is Vinyl the Same Thing as PVC?

A type of vinyl fencing that doesnt require much cleaning is called virgin vinyl fencing. Investing in a vinyl or PVC fence is a smart move because it will last a long time as opposed to wood fencing that require constant maintenance and can rot over time.

Is Vinyl the Same Thing as PVC?

Fencing Is Vinyl the Same Thing as PVC? By Best Vinyl August 29, 2017 No Comments. Vinyl and PVC can often be confused with one another, but the truth is that these two materials are not the same. Vinyl is a radical of ethane that refers to many different ethylene-based compounds and PVC is polyvinyl chloride and a polymer of vinyl chloride

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What is Virgin Vinyl? This is a term used for a vinyl product that does not contain recycled materials regrind . These recycled materials may contain impurities or lower grade vinyl which can seriously affect the finished products resilience, impact resistance, and UV inhibition.

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Vinyl Fence Products AllVnyl FencesAre Not CreatedEqual Bufftech fence is made from 100% virgin Recycled refers to consumer and post industrial mate-rials coming from the waste stream. PVC can be and is recycled. Bufftech does not use the waste stream as a source. However, we do reprocess our own PVC where

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In vinyl, however, pure virgin material is the route many LVT manufacturers take for their products while other manufacturers of vinyl have continued to close the loop with recycled content. According t

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All Star Fence provides new vinyl and pvc fence installation services for customers in Lakewood and Ocean County New Jersey, call 732 364-7511 for a quote today Vinyl and PVC Fencing for Properties Throughout Lakewood, NJ Durable colors and designs available they are not all created equal. Virgin Vinyl vs Recycled Professional grade

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Virgin vinyl is better. Recycled vinyl was often made from records they didn't even bother taking the labels off of. You could SEE little pieces of label embedded in the vinyl. It absolutely made a difference to the sound and added a lot of hissing and clicks that are absent from virgin vinyl.

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Virgin vinyl fencing is made up primarily of PVC , polypropylene, nylon, polythene polyethylene and is the most common vinyl product from professional fence companies and contractors. This vinyl fence is extruded from a virgin resin and becomes a plastic profile.

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Virgin vs. Recycled Vinyl Fencing There are two different types of vinyl fencing: Virgin Vinyl and Recycled Vinyl. The two of them have very similar qualities and some very subtle. Vinyl Fencing - Ranch Rail 4-Rail Style Fence Center. Recycle Bin / Ranch Style Vinyl Rail Fencing. Items Related to Product;. 4 Rail Ranch Rail Panel- 54 Inch High..

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Liberty Fence and Railing fabricates and installs pure double virgin vinyl fences, railings, and gates. Many of our competitors manufacture PVC products with ordinary everyday recycled plastics.

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I explained post vs pre and said wouldn't put recycled in my house. virgin vinyl is nothing new, it is being marketed heavily now, and also is a more expensive than recycled, but to many it seems worth the cost. Recycled does sound better for the environment, can't try to say otherwise.

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Because of the exceptional long life of PVC/Vinyl, several times the amount of wood that is needed to manufacture the same fence in wood can be saved over the lifetime of the fence. If the vinyl ever needs to be taken down it can be recycled into other products, such as hoses and watering cans.

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One of our most popular blogs is Vinyl Myths. So, recycled PVC is not actually recycled. Its just made from new scraps, rather than solid sheets of new material. Choosing Your Fencing Material. If youve decided that vinyl fencing is the right option for you, youll need to next decide whether you want virgin vinyl or recycled vinyl.

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From someone who has sold building material products in Minnesota and Wisconsin for over 24 years it really doesn't matter how much virgin vinyl windows cost. The main point is if you need them

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Scroll down to learn how to choose vinyl fencing. How to Choose Vinyl Fencing. look for vinyl fencing systems made of virgin PVC. Although recyclable items are wonderful in many contexts, they do not provide the best quality material for fences. Dont be fooled by a cheaper, recycled alternative. SELECTED FOR YOU: PolyRail Vinyl Fence

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Is it a 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl product? Do not use if made from recycled materials as the Integrity of the product will be lost and a failure should be expected buy a good fence once or replace a poor fence several times . Illusions Vinyl Fence products are 100% Pure Virgin Vinyl.

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Recycled vinyl is made from a variety of recycled vinyl products. While this can reduce the cost of the window, it can also affect the durability and longevity. Pure virgin vinyl is a stronger material and is more durable than the alternative.

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Patented Construction: EcoStone Fence is manufactured with a proprietary blend of recycled and virgin polyethylene plastic and is reinforced with galvanized steel in every post and panel.

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Not all vinyl fences are created equal, which means that you have to be careful in choosing the contractor who will install the vinyl fence for you. Make sure that they use virgin vinyl instead of recycled vinyl. Virgin vinyl is of the highest quality but it can be rather expensive.

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Virgin vinyl is commonly a thicker product than recycled vinyl Most recycled vinyl products come in pre-assembled panels Recycled vinyl is the same color all the way through on the inside and outside of the profile .