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These 50 exterior house siding ideas will help you see just whats possible in creating a lasting, You dont need a lot of fancy siding or decorative options to create an appealing home exterior. This home uses a tone on tone effect between the siding and trim to create a subtle, warm appeal that invites the eye. 46. Rustic Appeal.

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Because stone is more expensive than other siding options and can be difficult to add to an existing home concerns about costs should be considered. More lightweight and less expensive than natural stone, stone-veneer siding comes in natural and synthetic materials.

Log Siding: Cabin Log Siding Options, Prices and Manufacturers

Log Siding: A Buyers Guide to Cabin Log Siding Options, Cost and Manufacturers. It doesnt get more traditional than log siding otherwise know as cabin log siding And while this home siding option isnt as popular as it once was it is still going strong in rural and rustic settings.

Rustic Homes: Cedar and Log Vinyl Siding That Looks Real

Rustic Styles of Vinyl Siding. If you'd like to achieve a more rustic style through your home cladding choice, vinyl won't disappoint. In most cases, vinyl siding costs less than and is more durable and fire-resistant than natural wood.

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Upgrading or replacing your exterior siding can be a daunting decision. Mainly because of the all the choices you have to make on the different types of siding for homes.Insulated vinyl, fiber cement, or wooden shakes are just a few of the siding options and materials you have as a homeowner.

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KWP is a leading sustainable and ecologically conscious manufacturer of quality wood siding and trim board. At KWP, we continue to design and innovate our product line to keep pace with an ever changing environment.

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This is a natural product that can withstand years of harsh weather, while still maintaining a rustic, yet attractive appearance. Home Siding Options . 121 Reviews . Aluminum Siding. Heidi Girl Designs. Cheap Siding Options. Idea Home Improvement. 145 Reviews.

Channel Rustic Siding: White Pine Red Cedar Cypress

Channel Rustic Siding, sometimes referred to as channel lap siding, has a rustic, rough sawn texture. Therefore it is a very popular choice. It is easily installed and material waste is minimal. This siding provides excellent weather protection and the channel adds depth and allows for breathing in variable climates.

Rustic Metal Siding

Rustic Metal Siding . Metal siding has been used across ranches, countryside homes, and mountain homes for years. The most popular panel styles have traditionally been corrugated, panel siding often seen cladding barns. Colors play an important factor in achieving a rustic metal siding appearance.

Log Siding Siding Springfield Missouri

Liberty Home Solutions Log Siding Systems. In the Ozarks, there is something unique about the log cabin look and feel of a home, perhaps it is that we are surrounded by the beauty that is the Ozarks. Many of our customers want the log cabin look, but not the log cabin price of real wood or steel options. That is where Liberty Home Solutions can

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Find and save ideas about Rustic exterior on Pinterest. See more ideas about Rustic houses exterior, Corbels exterior and Timber garage door. Find and save ideas about Rustic exterior on Pinterest. See more ideas about Rustic houses exterior, Corbels exterior and Timber garage door.

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Northern Star vinyl siding will give your home the warm, organic look of natural cedar wood with none of the upkeep. Northern Star Rustic features a .044 thickness that ensures superior strength and impact resistance. The Right Choice. Contributes less to global warming than other cladding options. Vinyl siding is the most economical

Reclaimed Rustic wood Siding Trim

Siding and Trim. Montana Timber Products provides a variety of texture, profile, and color options in our ranchwood , AquaFir , Charwood , and Corral Board siding and trim product lines. Rustic, reclaimed, contemporary and traditional options fill the Montana Timber Products palette and make the possibilities endless.

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Rustic Metal Panel Systems for Roofing, Siding or Wall Systems, View Metal Roofing Options for Rustic Designs. Metal Siding Siding and Wall Systems for a Rustic Look. Siding and wall systems have long been in the realm of wood or vinyl with the same boring finishes that require constant attention. Metal panel systems can add an aged feel and

Rustic Siding Options and Design Ideas

Rustic Siding Options in Fiber Cement Fiber cement siding is made of a unique mixture of sand, cellulose fiber, and Portland cement. This blend is formed into the siding you use on your home inside a mold, which means that it can take on the appearance and shape of many different types of siding, including rustic styles.

5 Innovative, Rustic Cabin Exteriors

Innovative, Rustic Exteriors Get inspiration from these 5 unique and environmentally friendly exteriors. Whether youre giving your existing cabin a facelift or choosing siding for your soon-to-be-built cabin, there are some beautiful new eco-friendly siding options out there.

Rustic House Siding: 5 Design Ideas for a Rustic-Chic Home

And many of these options rely on sophisticated, cutting-edge designs and techniques, meaning you can enjoy a rustic exterior that still has all the luxuries of the modern-day home One of the keys to achieving a rustic exterior is integrating building materials that are symbolic of the countryside.


This two-tone factory applied coating system improves curb appeal of your home and is warranted to protect it for 15 years. With lap siding, shakes, RusticSeries lap siding combines your favorite fiber cement or composite products with the sought after look of real wood. Lap siding comes in all standard dimensions.

Barnwood and other unique wood siding options

Trestlewood provides weathered wood and other unique wood siding products including barnwood, hand-hewn siding, rough-sawn lumber, etc.

RusticSeries Lap Siding

You can have the best of both worlds; RusticSeries TM lap siding combines fiber cement or composite siding with the sought after look of real wood siding. Before RusticSeries, man made products were limited to only solid color finishes. W oodtone's proprietary solution gives you a wider range of options to meet your needs and to help you build the home of your dreams.